Removing helperamc (Advanced Mac Cleaner) OS X

I was working on an OS X system which kept getting annoying pop-ups about the system needing clean up, anti-virus software etc. I was able to see that the window was titled ‘helperamc’.

It turns out this was a remnant from Advanced Mac Cleaner, the use of which I won’t comment on here. The user of the system had tried to remove it when upgrading OS X version, but the annoying advertising component remained.

Killing the process and deleting the application doesn’t work, as it has a daemon to relaunch itself. After some investigation I found the following commands (issued in will sort out this issue and remove helperamc for good:

launchctl unload ~/Library/LaunchAgents/com.pcv.hlpramcn.plist
rm ~/Library/Application\ Support/amc/

As they are user files admin access is not needed. You may need to kill the helperamc process between these commands.

  1. Dave said:

    Thanks! This seems to have worked and was the only thing I could find that did.

  2. Hi John,

    I copy pasted your comment into terminal yet the helperamc process still appears in activity monitor. I have tried everything and nothing seems to work. Please help.

    • jofunu6 said:

      Have you:
      Uninstalled Advanced Mac cleaner from your applications?
      Killed the helperamc process in activity monitor between issuing each command?
      Checked the two referenced files exist on your system? (they may be under /Applications)

  3. Anibal Galleguillos said:

    I open the terminal app, copy, paste the commands, and enter? Thats it?

    • jofunu6 said:

      Uninstall advanced mac cleaner as you normally would
      Kill the helperamc process in activity monitor
      Run the first command (open terminal copy, paste and press enter)
      Kill the helperamc process in activity monitor again
      Run the second command

  4. RCWeber said:

    Tried everything I could think of. Could not see those files, but the damn thing kept popping up, like a zombie Hillary.
    Ran your command anyway (what harm could it do?), and it disappeared!
    Thanks, John.

  5. markology said:

    Tried the commands and it worked. However, when I rebooted the computer, I can see it again in the activity monitor.

    • Have you deleted the files in the application folder, and uninstalled advanced mac cleaner as you normally would, before running the commands? See my reply to Anibal above for the order of commands

      • Jessica said:

        Thank you for your tutorial, I have been bothered by this pesky app for months now to no avail. I brought the computer into the mac store after and after deleting Advanced Mac Cleaner, I had hoped the problem would be absolved. No such luck. Feed up, I tried again today, and found your blog, now after having followed your steps it looks like so far, so good! I see no sign of helperamc in my activity monitor. Thank you so much for this solution!

  6. Thank you, John. This has resolved the amc app issue. Without your help we would have been really screwed.

  7. Lyra said:

    Thank you so much!!! This was a pesky one and your tip was the only one that truly did the trick.

  8. Bennett said:

    How long after the first command should helperamc pop back up? It usually takes a day or two for me and I feel this means this method won’t work for me. Unless this is typical.

    • I’m not sure, perhaps it depends on how often you restart you computer. I would think these steps should still work either way.

  9. Hey guys, chances are that you still have other things malware named under ‘mchlpr’ and ‘malware crusher’ still hidden somewhere. I suggest that you go to Finder, go to “Go” and find the folder ~/Library/Application Support/ and delete all folders under the malware names. It helped me get rid of everything and you will see all malware is not present in activity monitor as well.

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